Carpet Cleaning Chem-Dry Nova

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Benefits of Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer:

Chemdry doesn’t just dry clean the fibres you can see, or wash the dirt down below the surface only to have spots resurface as the carpet dries. We remove the dirt and bacteria from your carpet by using Hot Water Extraction. Your carpets will stay cleaner and healthier for longer using Chemdry Nova.

Carpets Are Left Drier and Healthier:

At Chemdry Nova we clean your carpets and upholstery with a patented carbonating non-toxic solution, “The Natural”. The Natural contains only totally safe, highly effective ingredients and leave behind no toxic residues. It’s a greener carpet cleaning alternative. Chemdry Nova leave your carpets Drier, Cleaner and Healthier.

Your Healthy Home:

Traditional steam cleaning uses high pressure water and detergents to clean carpets. Overwetting carpet is not ideal as the water can saturate underlay and carpet backing. Mould and bacteria can form if these surfaces remain damp for extended periods leading to an unhealthy home environment.

Our process uses a fraction of the water of other carpet cleaning procedures and The Natural’s carbonation brings dirt to the surface to be extracted away.

Tough on dirt but gentle on fibres. Chemdry Nova:

  • Cleans fibres deeply
  • Dries quickly in any weather
  • Is safe and non-toxic, for kids and pets
  • Removes the problems of mildew, shrinkage and mould
  • Keeps your carpets cleaner longer
  • Leaves no soapy dirt attracting residues
  • Use mild low ph products, many with Green Certification

Carpet Cleaning Chem-Dry Nova

We don’t use traditional carpet steam cleaning. At Chem-Dry Nova we use an exclusive cleaning method employing our patented carbonated cleaning solution, The Natural, for the Driest, Cleanest and Healthiest result possible.

The Chem-Dry carpet cleaning process will uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic products for a Greener Clean you can see and feel. Using carbonation means your carpets dry faster so you don’t have to wait as long to start enjoying them again. 1-2 hours instead of days and completely safe for kids, adults and pets.

Carpet Cleaning Chem-Dry Nova
Carpet Cleaning Chem-Dry Nova

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