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A good night’s sleep is the remedy for many things and we do spend a lot of time in our beds, but we don’t often think about the hygiene of our mattress or pillows.

Dust mites live on human skin particles and millions of them lurk in your mattress and pillows causing such ailments as Eczema, Hay Fever, Bronchitis, Inflammation of the Mucous Membranes, Itchy Red Eyes, Headaches, Sinus Pain, Fatigue, early morning fits of excessive sneezing, and even feelings of depression when waking.

Dust mites are miniscule and 1,000 or more can fit on the head of a pin. There may be hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of dust mites inhabiting your bed. Chem-Dry Nova have a perfect and environmentally friendly, non-toxic solution to Dust Mites, Pet Dander and Mould Spores, all of which are found in mattresses no matter how clean you are or how often you wash the linen.

We sweat at night and shed dead skin particles and of course these invariably deposit into our mattress and pillows.

How Chem-Dry Nova Can Help

At Chem-Dry we are specialists in removing stains, odours and bacteria from all types of soft surfaces in your home, including your mattress.. We will sanitise with non-toxic disinfectant and remove all traces of body oils, grime, mould and other bacteria which are then whisked away with our Green Certified Cleaner The Natural. Leaving your bed fresh and clean so you can have a perfect night’s sleep.

Our cleaning procedure uses minimal water and your bed will be dry in 1-2 hours unlike traditional steam cleaning which can remain damp for days which encourages mould spores to form in the mattress.

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Mattress Cleaning Chem-Dry Nova
How Clean is Your Mattress?
Mattress Cleaning Chem-Dry Nova
Protect your Mattress and your Health with Chem-Dry Nova
Mattress Cleaning Chem-Dry Nova
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